Frac Equipment

Frac Equipment

B&B OilField Frac Equipment

B&B Oilfield Services is an API 6A, API Q1, ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer.

We apply the same quality standards to all our Frac Equipment repairs. With in house machining, in house welding, in house Inconel cladding, in house heat treat and stress relieving our quality means less NPT.

Ask us about our performance and valve swap records! ​

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Frac Equipment

  • Frac Valves 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Frac Stacks 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Toe Prep Flow Crosses 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Zipper Manifolds 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Mono-lines 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Goatheads 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi
  • Remote Grease Systems
  • 6 Station Accumulators
  • Torque & Test Equipment
  • Spacer Spools
  • Adjustment Spools
  • Crosses
  • Tees

Frac Operation Services

B&B Oilfield Services takes great pride in the experience, passion and integrity of our qualified service professionals. Frac operations continue to evolve. Pad size, Fluids/Proppant delivery, flow rates, simultaneous and extended reach requirements drive our continued product development and service offerings. 

BB Oil Safety

Get the Most Out of Your Frac Operations with Our Frac Watch, Remote Greasing, and Performance Analytics.

  • Rig up & Rig Down Frac Stacks, Mono-Line, Zipper Manifolds
  • Rig Up & Rig Down Toe Prep Flow Crosses
  • Torque and Test
  • Frac Watch
  • Remote Greasing
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Engineering Support 24/7
  • Equipment Performance Analytics & Trends Analysis
  • In House machining/repairs-licensed API 6A, API Q1 and ISO 9001-2015 manufacturing facility.
  • In House Welding, Heat Treat and Inconel cladding.


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