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P&A Services

B&B Oilfield Services works with you at every step of the P&A process. From initial surveys and wellsite evaluation through securing the equipment and installation of temporary equipment. We are there to assist in your well abandonment programs delivering cost effective service, products and solutions in a safe and efficient manner

B&BOil P&A
P&A Services

B&B Oilfield Services provides full P&A Well Support Services to include:

  • Well Site Evaluation​
  • Diagnostics & Identification​
  • Pre-P&A Well Preparation​
  • Photo-document and Well Surveys​
  • Repair or Replace inoperable Valves​
  • Secure Wellhead and Trees from pressure leaks and potential environmental hazards​
  • Function Testing​
  • Hot Bolting and Flange Management Services​
  • Torque & Testing​
  • Field Valve Lubrication​
  • Field Valve Sealant ​
  • Field Valve and Actuator Repair​
  • Field SSV Repairs​
  • Fully “SEMS” Certified Technicians