Health, Safety and Environmental

Health, Safety and Environmental

At B&B Oilfield Services, LLC We Believe Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset And Their Safety Is Our Top Priority.

"An effective HS&E Program must be an integral part of a company’s operation. The Health and Safety of our employees and protection of our environment must be given prime considerations in our everyday activities.​”

Jimmy Vining - President/CEO

B&B Oilfield HS&E

B&B Oilfield Services, LLC is proud to be recognized for it’s attention and commitment to workplace safety.  The “LWCC Safest 70” is awarded to a select group of Louisiana businesses based on their safety efforts and effectiveness in preventing injuries. The selection process is contingent on the number of incidents and/or occurrences accumulated over a year period. Given the nature of our business, this award is a real tribute to the safe culture and environment that the B&B family has built. Our strong commitment to safety for our employees and customers will continue, not only in our Louisiana, Texas and Northeast locations, but everywhere that we operate.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy