Tree Jack Removal Tool

Tree Jack Spec Sheet, 431 KB

View our presentation of the Tree Jack Removal Tool in action!

B&B Oilfield Services, LLC is excited to introduce an innovative new oilfield service tool, the Tree Jack Removal Tool. The Tree Jack Removal Tool is made up of three basic pieces, a hydraulic ram, a tree top connection assembly with window and a long high-strength push or pull rod. The rod is lowered through the open tree and has the same thread profile as a type “H” or Nation type back pressure valve profile located in the tubing hanger. The rod is installed into the back pressure profile securely. The rod is made up to the hydraulic ram, and has an 8” to 12″ stroke window.

Once the rod is made up, the hydraulic ram is made up to the production tree connection assembly, (either the assembly is screwed into the tree top internal lift threads of the tree cap or flanged up directly). After the hydraulic ram is made up to the tree connection, hoses from the hydraulic pump unit are made up, (air operated hydraulic pump and actuator are made together compact into a 1′ x 1′ box). Unbolt either the production tree or valve that needs to be removed. Apply hydraulic pressure from the hydraulic pump to the ram and the production tree or valve is pushed from the opposing flange with up to 160,000 pounds of hydraulic force can be applied for this operation. If the hanger needs to be pulled free, an adapter is available to set between the newly pushed off tree and the tubing spool/ tubing hanger flange.

Once the adapter is in place the ram may be operated in the reverse direction to pull the hanger free and or verify shallow tubing cuts during P&A operations. Other adapters can be available for removing valves from pipe lines, and wing assemblies on production trees and casing valves on wellhead assemblies. All equipment fits securely into a steel offshore ready box and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to your jobsite. The Tree Jack Removal Tool was mainly designed as a safe and controlled method to remove those old production trees without having any employees in harms way.

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